Fluid Mechanics / Hydraulic Lab Equipment



FM 01 Tilting Flume    >>>>
FM 01(b) Tilting Flume (Computerized)   >>>>
FM 02  Apparatus for Calibration of Nozzlemeter
FM 03 Apparatus for Calibration of Orificemeter
FM 04 Apparatus for Calibration of Rotameter
FM 05 Apparatus for Calibration of Venturimeter
FM 06 Apparatus for Verification of Bernoulli’s  Theorem    >>>>
FM 07 Apparatus for Conducting Orifice/Mouthpiece  Experiments (Cd,CC,CV of Orifce)    >>>>
FM 08 Apparatus for Determination of Losses in Pipes and  Fittings    >>>>
FM 09 Apparatus for Measuring Discharge through Weirs
FM 10 Apparatus for Study of Laminar and Turbulent Flow in Pipes
FM 11 Darcy’s Law Apparatus
FM 13 Demonstration of Surges due to Sudden Closure of Valve at Discharge End
FM 14 Electrical Analogy Apparatus
FM 15 Flat Bottomed Vessel (Metacentric Height Apparatus)
FM 16  Flow through Fluidized Bed
FM 17 Flow through Packed Bed
FM 18 Free and Forced Vortex Apparatus
FM 19 Heleshaw Apparatus
FM 20  Impact of Jet Apparatus    >>>>
FM 21 Laminar Flow Apparatus
FM 22 Notch Apparatus    >>>>
FM 23 Pipe Friction Apparatus (for different diameters)   >>>>
FM 24 Pipe Friction Apparatus (for Rough & smooth pipes)
FM 25 Pitot Static Tube Apparatus
FM 26 Pressure Measurement Apparatus
FM 27 Reynolds Apparatus    >>>>
FM 28 Stokes Law Apparatus
FM 29 Towing Tank Trolley
FM 30 Turbulent Flow Apparatus
  (a) Close Circuit Wind Tunnel
  (b) Open Circuit Wind Tunnel (sub Sonic)
  (a) Apparatus for Conducting Orifice/Mouthpiece Experiments (Cd,CC,CV of Orifce)
  (b) Apparatus for Determination of Losses in Pipes and Fittings
  (c) Apparatus for Verification of Bernoulli’s  Theorem
  (d) Flow measurement Apparatus by Venturi meter and orifice meter
  (e) Impact of Jet Apparatus
  (f) Notch Apparatus
  (g) Pipe Friction Apparatus (for different diameters)
  (h) Apparatus for Verification of Bernoulli’s  Theorem(h) Pitot Static Tube Apparatus 
FM 32 B Computerized Hydraulic Bench    >>>>
FM 33   Flow measurement Apparatus by Venturimeter and  orificemeter




HF 01 Bed Profile Indicator
HF 02   Cut Throat Flume
HF 03  Fixed bed Type Flume
HF 04  H Flume
HF 05  HF Flume
HF 06 HS Flume
HF 07   Parshal Flume
HF 08   Replogle Flume
HF 09    Tilting bed Type Hydraulic Flume




HNW 01  Broad Crested Weir
HNW 02 Cipolleti Weir
HNW 03  Rectangular Notch
HNW 04  Sharp Crested Weir
HNW 05   Spillway
HNW 06  Trapezoidal Notch
HNW 07 V-Notch




HWL 01  Electronic Pointer Gauge
HWL 02  Electronic Water Level Indicator (digital display Type)
HWL 03  Hook or Pointer Gauge
HWL 04 Water Level Indicator with Continuous Recorder
HWL 05  Water Level Indicator with Printer




HMA 01  Inclined Manometer
HMA 02   Inverted U-Tube Manometer
HMA 03 Multi Tube Manometer
HMA 04    Simple Manometer
HMA 05 U-Tube Differential Manometer




HFM 01 Bend Meter
HFM 02  Cup Type Current Meter (Field pattern)
HFM 03  Mini Propeller Type Current Meter
HFM 04 Nozzlemeter
HFM 05    Orificemeter
HFM 06 Pitot Cylinder
HFM 07  Pitot Meter (Kennedy pattern)
HFM 08 Pitot Tube
HFM 09  Propeller Type Current Meter (Field pattern)
HFM 10 Pygmy Cup Type Current Meter with Electronic Counter
HFM 11 Rota Meter




HYL 01 Infiltrometers (Double Ring)
HYL 02 Pan Evaporimeter
HYL 03 b RainFall Simulation Systems  >>>>
HYL 04 Three Cup Counter Anemometer
HYL 05 Water Level Stage Recorder (Daily or Weekly Type)
HYL 06 Wind Vane