ME01 Apparatus for Verification of Law of Parallelogram of Forces
ME02 Apparatus for Verification of Law of Conservation of Mass
ME03 Apparatus for Verification of Law of Moments
ME04 Apparatus for Verification of Polygon of Forces
ME05 Apparatus to find the Personal Horse Power of Man
ME06 Atwood Machine
ME07 Bar Pendulum or Compound Pendulum
ME08 Bell Crank Lever >>>
ME09 Bending Moment Apparatusr
ME10 Bending of Beam Apparatus
ME11 Centrifugal Force Apparatus
ME12 Coil Friction Apparatus
ME13 Combined Coil and Belt Friction Apparatus >>>
ME14 Combined Compression and Extension of Spring Apparatus
ME15 Combined Inclined Plane and Friction Slide Apparatus >>>
ME16 Compound Lever
ME17 Compound Screw Jack
ME18 Compound Wheel and Axle
ME19 Compression of Coiled Spring
ME20 Cranked Compound Lever
ME21 Deflection of Beam Apparatus r >>>
ME22 Elasticity of Flexure Apparatus
ME23 Fletcher Trolley
ME24 Friction Slide Apparatus
ME25 Geared Jib Crane
ME26 Gyroscope
ME27 Gyroscope (Bicycle wheel type)
ME28 Gyroscope with Counter Poise
ME29 Hook's Law Apparatus
ME30 Inclined Plane
ME31 Jointed Roof Truss Apparatus >>>
ME32 Kater's Reversible Pendulum
ME33 Lever Apparatus (Apparatus for Verification of Law of Moments)
ME34 Link Polygon Apparatus
ME35 Maxwell Vibration Needle
ME36 Moments Disc Apparatus
ME37 Moment of Inertia of Flywheel >>>
ME38 Parallel Forces Apparatus (Simple supported beam type supported at its ends)
ME39 Parallel Forces Apparatus Overhang Beam Type
ME40 Prony Brake Dynamometer
ME41 Pulley Blocks
ME42 Pulley Demonstration Set
ME43 Rigidity of Wires (Searle's Pattern)
ME44 Rope Brake Dynamometer
ME45 Screw Jack >>>
ME46 Screw Efficiency Apparatus
ME47 Second Law of Motion Apparatus
ME48 Shear Force Apparatus >>>
ME49 Shear Legs Apparatus
ME50 Simple Jib Craner >>>
ME51 Simple Pendulum
ME52 Simple Wheel and Axle
ME53 Stresses in Beam Apparatus
ME54 Structural Mechanics Apparatus
ME55 Torsion Apparatus (Clamp Pattern)
ME56 Torsion Apparatus Searle's Type >>>
ME57 Torsion Apparatus Vertical Type
ME58 Triangle & Parallelogram of Forces Apparatus / Polygon and Triangle of Forces Apparatus
ME59 Universal Force Table >>>
ME60 Wheel and Differential Axle
M61E Winch Crab Single Purchase / Winch Crab Double Purchase >>>
ME62 Worm and Worm Wheel >>>
(i) Single purchase
(ii) Double purchase
(iii) Triple purchase
ME63 Young's Modulus Apparatus (Searle's Pattern)
ME64 Young's Modulus Apparatus (Vernier type)
ME65 Young Modulus of a Metal Rod by an Interference Method