Structural Laboratory Items

Structural Laboratory Items

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Portal Frame Apparatus (Digital)

  Portal frame is made up of M.S. plate of rectangular section of 8mm thick x 40cm wide. Frame is provided with a provision to achieve different end conditions viz. hinged, roller & fixed. The size of portal will be 40cm x 60cm. Portal is also having a provision for horizontal loading at different positions. Apparatus is supplied complete with a supporting stand and a set of weights. Two LVDT with 25mm travel (with magnetic base) and two Load Cell of 10 Kg. capacities with a digital Indicator is supplied with the apparatus. Digital Indicator is capable to transfer the data through USB to the computer are supplied with the apparatus. Educational software also supplied with the set up to make calculation and complete results/data.

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TAG: Portal Frame Apparatus (Digital), Structural Laboratory Items, engineering models