Structural Laboratory Items

Structural Laboratory Items

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Deflection of Truss Apparatus (Digital)

  Deflection of Truss Apparatus consists of 4 panels of a PRATT truss, each panel being 40cm in horizontal direction and 30cm in vertical direction. Load can be applied on each panel point. All tension members are provided with detachable springs so as to obtain appreciable deformation of the member. Direction of the diagonal members may be changed. Apparatus can be used to illustrate visually the nature of forces set up in various members of the Truss. Apparatus is supplied complete with a supporting stand and a set of weights. Three LVDT with 25mm travel (with a magnetic base) and three Load Cell of 10 Kg. capacity with a digital Indicator is supplied with the apparatus. Digital Indicator is capable to transfer the data through RS 232/USB to the computer are supplied with the apparatus. Educational software also supplied with the set up to make calculation and complete results/data.

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